Merlin’s Shakespeares Encounter

Merlin Meets Shakespeare is the second book in Malcolm Baker’s Merlin series where protagonist, Robert Hunt, finds himself in a new timeline where he takes on the identity of Stanley Wellove, a major in King Henry V’s army as they wage war against France. With his advanced knowledge in weaponry, battle strategies, and insight into the distant past and future, he becomes an indispensable force that shapes history. Jumping form one timeline to the next, he carries Stanley Wellove’s identity into the time of Queen Elizabeth during the Spanish Armada, also playing an important role in England’s victory against Spain. There he meets and makes a friend out of William Shakespeare who he feeds with knowledge and insight, shaping the greatest writer and dramatist of the English language.

Merlin Meets Shakespeare is the complete package—containing adventure, love, loss, and a just little bit of magic and mystery—and will surely keep its audience hooked when adapted to a television series. The goal of this treatment is to make sure all those elements are translated coherently while portraying a consistent and seamless narrative. Like any adaptation, certain changes must be applied to the novel’s narrative structure. With a television series specifically, each episode must contain a solid plot while being consistent with the narrative as a whole.

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