Merlin’s Secret: The Truth Revealed

Merlin’s Secret: The Truth Revealed is an invitation to adventure and the journey of a young man, Robert Hunt, who is sent back in time to King Arthur’s era, with his twenty-first-century knowledge to get him by. His introduction of early electricity, cannons, and gunpowder has him deemed a wizard and is given the name of Merlin. As he rises ranks in King Arthur’s court and has now become a legend, Robert is again transported to a different timeline, this time with Robin Hood; thus follows another

round of exciting escapades. Adventure, danger, death, and rebirth all make a good formula for a compelling narrative, especially when adapted to a television series. The treatment below aims to create a solid narrative from the book that best adapts the screenplay structure of television.

In adapting to a television series, there are certain changes the novel mustundergo. Adjustments must be made to better showcase the adventure and entertainment value presented by the novel and to create a visually appealing narrative that keeps the audience engaged for multiple episodes. Being the first in an adventure series, there is no shortage of thrilling scenes and engaging characters. The goal then is to make each adventure, each narrative as cohesive and consistent to the novel’s theme as much as possible.

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