Merlin’s French Encounter

Merlin’s French Encounter by Malcolm Baker is the third book in his Merlin series. From Stanley Wellove, a major in King Henry V’s era, twenty-first century protagonist, Robert Hunt, is transported to a new timeline where he takes on the identity of Lord Thomas Vale. From helping landowners escape the guillotine during the French revolution to meeting and protecting Winston Churchill in his early life, Merlin’s French Encounter is an action-packed novel jumping from one adventure to the next and will make for an exciting television series.

The goal of this treatment is to create a coherent and consistent narrative structure to portray all the necessary elements from the book as it is adapted to television series. Although changes are necessary in the technical aspects of the treatment, the soul of Merlin’s French Encounter must remain intact in order to create a gripping tale that will keep its audience engaged. Each episode must provide a satisfying experience for its viewers.

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