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Writing is the dream: An interview with Malcolm Baker.

For some people, writing is the dream, others see it as a chore. But for a very special few, it just naturally comes at some point in their lives. Malcolm John Baker definitely belongs in the third faction. Find out why he isn’t your run-of-the-mill author in this exclusive NRM interview!

NRM: Hi Malcolm! For the sake of those who haven’t delved very deep into your works yet, how many have you written, published, or both? How many more do you plan to write?

MJB: I have published seven books so far. I have three books in the process of writing: one a sequel in the Merlin series and the other two in a different genre. I have tried my hand at science fiction with a space travel book.

NRM: Which book in the series did you write/release first? Did it keep its place in the order? Or did you have to turn it into a prequel/sequel?

MJB: The first book I wrote was Revenge is Mine, a book on ISIS. I wrote a sequel to it then republished it with the sequel, under the same name. I publish my own books now, all are available on

NRM: How does it feel having one of your books as the basis for an upcoming film? Did you see all these happening when you just started writing?

MJB: It feels very good that my books are being considered for movies. Currently, the Merlin series is under consideration as well by two film production companies. When I started writing, I never thought my work would be considered for films, but I have always written the books as adventure books, and I believe that is what the public want.

NRM: Does writing exhaust or energize you? Are you getting any writing done while on quarantine?

MJB: Writing keeps me occupied particularly in the present situation, although I miss my alternative office at Starbucks!

NRM: What inspired you to start writing? Do the same inspirations guide your writing now, or have you since explored other sources of motivation?

MJB: I started writing on retirement for something to keep my mind active. I find that just keeping in touch with the outside world keeps me young. Everywhere you go you see things that happen to go into the book you are writing… or maybe it is that character over there who is making a show.

NRM: What truths did you realize when you went from being a reader to being the one to provide the to-reads?

MJB: Going from a reader to a writer was an amazing experience. Just to have a stranger come up to you and say, “I really like your book,” or whatever, is very rewarding. I always ask them why they liked it. The answer is always, “It is an easy read.” I believe that is important. No one likes to read with a dictionary next to them!

NRM: If your life progressed some way other than it did, do you think you’d still end up being a writer around this time?

MJB: My life has always just gone along on the crest of the wave; I never know what is going to happen, but things seem to work themselves out. I am sure I have a guardian angel up there.

NRM: Do you think vulnerability is important in writing whether fiction or non-fiction materials?

MJB: I don’t feel vulnerable in writing. I only write in fiction, so it is my story. Take it or leave it.

NRM: What would you like to say to aspiring writers, both the young and those who have yet to find the time and will probably do upon retirement?

MJB: To any new writers, I would say keep at it. It can be very hard, particularly if you have a day job as well. There are many pitfalls, there are a lot of con merchants in this business. Just keep your head. As a certain judge often says, “If it doesn’t sound true, then it’s not.”

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