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Daylight Robbery is an action packed tale about two safe salesmen who have different aspirations of robbery. One carries to a daring raid at the Manhattan Diamond depository, and sets up a warehouse in Mexico. Both villains rob houses where the owners cannot disclose of the robbery and recycle the stolen jewelry. FBI informants, John Smith and Jack King, deal with the problem resulting in adventures and gun battles in Mexico, and finally in an FBI safe house in California.


There is a US drone attack on two Islamic State generals who are on the United States’s Most Wanted list. The men escape, but their families are killed. The IS fund a revenge attack for the soldiers to go to the United States on false passports to attack the White House and kill the president. The adventure starts when the refugee marches through Europe. This involves arrest and escape, murder, and earthquakes. Then on a cruise to the United States, things go wrong along the way. One is removed by the FBI in a hurricane. The other has to fool authorities in getting in through the back door. Help is available from sympathisers, and love matures. The freedom of the arrested soldier and treachery follows, and the FBI characters have it on hand, and it eventually leads to a final bloody showdown.


The phone rang in josh’s office. Josh Young is the FBI agent who handled the recent terrorist attack in Washington DC, Which sadly resulted in the death of the doppelganger to the president. He picked up the phone. It was John Smith. “I am surprised to hear from you after all this time”, said Josh . It was six months since the Washington attack, Oh i have been keeping my distance after the last fiasco, but I thought I should make contact in case you have forgiven me, and i might have some interesting information about a drug delivery.”


In 2019, Robert Hunt is a young man with no family, desperately in need of guidance. He gets into a bad crowd, eventually leading to a bank raid in London. Miraculously, before being arrested Robert is saved by a ghost named Viviane: the Lady of the Lake, who transports him to 600 AD, to the time of King Arthur.


President elect Wilson James, has a clone of himself produced so that he could be President again in years to come. It didn’t work out as he planned his two sons turned against him with disastrous results. Only one is a clone, but which? Our long serving FBI agent Josh Young has to bring about the downfall of the twins who were involved in a coup of the USA, being planned in Asia. Training is carried out in Indonesia which has an earthquake. At this point the CIA get involved and the action returns to Washington DC leading to the final climax, and introduction to Annabelle Camry a British agent in MI6, in preparation of the next book – When the lights go out.


He has become in charge of the archers to King Henry V in his war with France, Under the guise of Major Stanley Wellove, he leads the English Bowmen into the battle of Agincourt. He Leaves notes for William Shakespeare about the battles, knowing that Shakespeare will write about them in a hundred years’ time. Romance flourishes, along with espionage and treachery. He is then moved on by the ghost of Viviane, lady of the Lake from King Arthur to Queen Elizabeth where he takes part in the Spanish Armada with Sir Francis Drake, now he meets Shakespeare in person and is with Drake in the sea battle . He marries and takes on running of Shakespeare’s Globe Thearter on the South Bank of the River Thames.


In this book he arrives on in the period of the French Revolution and Madame Guillotine aiding the landed gentry to escape France. He becomes Thomas Vale, a supposed migrant to the colonies in America, but the real Thomas vale died many years ago. There is treachery in the English government which our Thomas vale must resolve. He becomes a Scarlet pimpernel character aiding the gentry out of the country to England. After Napoleons coup, Merlin is then transported to the Battle of Waterloo to help Wellington, before moving on to Winston Churchill’s early life in the Sudan and South Africa, finalising in World War Two, where he meets the young Princess Elizabeth on her experience at Victory in Europe day


In this book, Merlin continues his travels through time, with the ghost of the Lady of the Lake, Viviane from King Arthur’s time. Again, she takes on an active role in the adventures that follow. In this book Merlin centers on the American Continent, although he visits London, England at the time of the plague. Love comes to him in very strange circumstances, she should have been on the French side, but then love moves in a mysterious manner.


John and Angel are childhood sweethearts in Nigeria in the year 1750. Slave traders capture Angel while John is away delivering animals he has collected for zoos in Europe. Angel is taken to Lagos as a slave and sold to the shippers to take her to Cuba as a concubine for the slaves. When John hears of this, he sets out on a trip to Cuba to rescue Angel with the Duke of Barcelona’s help. There follows an adventure of his journey and exploits in Cuba and Florida. He eventually sets up an underground route in America’s colonies to help escaped slaves before he becomes the Duke of Barcelona.


Annabelle is a MI6 operative, the lights have gone out in London, from a cyber-attack. The laptop that caused it finds its way to the US. Annabelle joins up with Jack Carling of the CIA, to locate it before too much damage is done. They succeed but Annabelle becomes disillusioned with all the killing and she and Jack sign up for a trip to Saturn with NASA. Disastrous things happen to the Earth while they are away.


This is a John Smith adventure. An unrecorded island is discovered off Florida and used by a smuggler who has escaped from prison. John is placed on the island by the FBI to investigate. The island is used as a stop-off for an escaping U.S. helper from Afghanistan. Three parties eventually go to Columbia on an emerald hunt for stolen gems. Full of intrigue and treachery.


John Smith and Cloe Taylor are at an auction house selling relics from their previous adventures. Psychic Cloe gets vibrations from a small chest, telling her to buy it. She wins the bid. Gloria Rowbottom is televising all this for NBC. She, too, is getting vibes and goes back to their house.
Inside the chest, they find a gold mine claim from Nome, Alaska, of a hundred years old. On the back, it says ‘Finders keepers’ signed Don Wicker.
They investigate and find that Don was brutally murdered the day after writing the message. A key and pebble are also in the box. They decide to investigate with dramatic results.

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